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Access to more than 400 car washes in Quebec directly from your phone at the best price. You'll also enjoy a variety of deals to keep your vehicle in great condition.
Available at more than 400 car wash locations
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Download the app
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Create an account
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Go to a car wash
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Pay for a wash and get your code

How we help you

We provide you a better experience in order to save you time and money.
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Pay from your phone
Save time by not having to go into a store to pay for your car wash. You can do this directly from your phone.
Weather warnings
Avoid paying for unnecessary car washes thanks to our weather updates.
Exclusive discounts
Premium members get up to 30% off car wash prices.

use Neatcar?

Our mission is to provide the best possible value to our users. This is why our business model is based on a small subscription fee and not on transaction fees.
Keep more in your pocket
Premium members save up to 30% on car washes.
Save time
Skip the line inside and go straight to the car wash.
User-Friendly experience
It's a hassle-free experience, based on your feedback.
Customer service in the app
We provide a fast Live Chat support directly in the application.
Keep your vehicle looking great for longer
Users who follow our washing recommendations keep their vehicles in good condition 20% longer, on average.
No more wasted car washes
Don't waste time and money washing your vehicle when the weather's about to change. Neatcar will let you know if there's a storm in the forecast.
Exclusive promotions
We offer and continue to offer exclusive discounts for our members.
We keep you posted
We're adding new features that will keep you on top of relevant information about your vehicle.


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Pay directly from your phone.
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Get a 15-day free trial.

Exclusive prices up to 35% off at selected car washes.

Get a 15-day free trial.

Exclusive prices up to 35% off at selected car washes.

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New users can get a 15-day free trial on a premium subscription