About Neatcar

We help our users with their cars

Who are we?

Neatcar is a technology company whose mission is to improve your automotive service experience. Neatcar's approach is based on transparency and trust, and we provide services and recommendations to our users to help them keep their vehicles longer and save money. We're starting out with car washes, but this is only the beginning of several other automotive services to come.

"We strongly believe that anyone who maintains their car in the right way increases their durability in addition to saving money."


Our business model is based mainly on the monthly subscription of premium members. The reason is simple, providing you with the most value instead of having the most transactions.


We don't earn anything on your transactions, so our recommendations are simply to provide value to you and to help you keep your vehicle in better condition, longer.


At the current time we help you save on car washing only, but we're considering adding new functionalities to help you save money on tire changes, fuel, maintenance, etc.

Inspired by you, develped by us

Putting transparency ahead, we share our product roadmap with you so that everyone can know what we are working on and can help improve the product. In the end, we develop it for you!

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