About Neatcar

Make the car ownership more friendly

Based on trust and transparency, Neatcar offers services and recommendations to its users to help them keep their vehicles longer and save money.

🇨🇦 Proudly developed in Montreal

What we want to make more friendly:


Car-washing has a huge impact on the environment & people who aren’t well educated about it.



The wash is time consuming: find the right location, line-up & pay at the counter, more line-up in the car.



A lot of people neglect to adequately wash their car because it’s too expensive. We make the washes affordable to everyone.


What we do

Neatcar is a mobile application that improves your vehicle maintenance experience by offering recommendations and services to our users to help them keep their vehicles longer and save money.

Who we are

Neatcar is a 100% Quebec-based team comprised of young entrepreneurs and professionals from the Quebec and Canadian start-up ecosystem.

Why we do it

We strongly believe that anyone who maintains their vehicle properly increases its lifespan, saves money and decreases their environmental footprint.

A business model based on trust and transparency

We promote full transparency, and share our feature planning with you so that everyone is aware of what we're working on and thus help us improve the product. In the end, we have developed it and will continue to develop it for you!


  • Mathieu Tousignant

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Alexandre Corbeil

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Dawei Ding

    CLO & Partner

  • Jérémie Grondin

    Sales Director & Partner

  • James Forbes

    Head of Growth

Advisory Board

  • Simon Lejeune

    Mobile Growth & UA Advisor

  • Mario Ianniciello

    B2B Sales Advisor