IMPORTANT: Make sure you are at a partner station

If you are at a partner Shell station and when you enter your code into the machine it shows an error such as: “Code too long”, “Server error”, “Invalid code”, the door does not open etc. . it is an issue with Shell’s internal system and is beyond Neatcar’s control.


You have 2 options:


1- Leave and come later or go at a compatible station

Once your code has been purchased, it remains valid until it is used. In fact, the problem is that the Shell servers located at the head office no longer communicate with those of the station. So even codes purchased on their own site will not work.


2- Buy a local code

In an attempt to quickly fix the situation, you can go inside and request a new wash code (We suggest saying your code is from In the majority of cases, the clerk will not want to give a new one. So we invite you to purchase a new code and wash your vehicle. Then you can write to us at support sending us the invoice for the code you purchased. We will refund your transaction. If your transaction had a discount, we will give you an additional discount on your next transaction in order to balance.


IMPORTANT: The clerk probably doesn’t know Neatcar. We deal with the head office and not the stations individually.



We understand that this is not a pleasant situation at all. Unfortunately, Neatcar has no control over the internal systems of its partners’ stations. However, we are working hard to help improve this situation. According to the possibilities of the companies, only the 2 options above are available for the moment. Although this type of situation is beyond our control, providing a great experience (at least with the service in this situation) is important to us. If you ever have a problem, do not hesitate to write to us, we can remove it temporarily or indicate the problem to other users.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.