First, we take the protection of your banking information VERY SERIOUSLY.

Under no circumstances your information will be saved on our servers. We are using the largest tech-focused payment platform for transacting payments: Stripe. It is very secure and also takes the security of your information very seriously:


How it works:

When you add a payment method, we send it directly to Stripe where it will be associated with your account. Then Stripe sends us a unique code Id of your Stripe account (ex: cus3252653). When we want to make a purchase we ask Stripe to make a payment (ex: $10) to the user who has the unique Id cus3252653. So Stripe will charge the card associated with your account. In this way, we do not need to keep any banking information on our servers.

We prefer to let industry specialists take care of the security of your data. We invite you to do your research on Stripe to see how this platform is very secure and well recognized.