Unfortunately, we are only the intermediary between the customers (our users) and the car wash. So, unfortunately, we do not have control over the station and cannot offer a guarantee on the quality of the wash received.


However, if you are not satisfied with your wash, you must go inside as soon as possible (avoid moving your vehicle too much) speak to the manager or the cashier and explain the situation to them. Usually, they should give you a new wash code.


IMPORTANT: The cashier/manager may not be familiar with the Neatcar app. Sometimes, some will say that the application is not compatible with this station. It is important to explain that the application is available here (otherwise you will not have been able to enter the station) and Neatcar is the equivalent of buying a car wash code on their website or at the station.


In the case that the clerk/manager does not agree to give you a new code, please before moving your car take photos of it (taken from outside) and send the photos and details of the situation to support@neatcar.com.


Our team will then investigate with the station.