Where to find my wash code?

Once your wash code has been purchased, it is possible to see the codes you have purchased from the “History” page in the menu.


However, we do not recommend our users to purchase their washing code in advance in order to avoid several situations such as:



Wash code expiration times are very different from place to place. So, in order to save you from buying codes and having them expire when you want to use them, we have designed the Neatcar experience so that you buy them once at the car wash keypad.


Avoid that you go to a wrong station

Our human reflex leads us to believe that a washing code in a banner (ex: Shell) is valid in all its stations. Sometimes that might be the case and other times it might not. We want you to avoid this type of situation. Neatcar’s goal is above all to offer you an experience in several places, because we don’t always know where we are going to be when we go to the car wash (especially in order to avoid long queues) .



Reminder: We recommend that you purchase your wash code once you arrive at the car wash’s numeric keypad or when you have seen that the car wash is indeed open.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the application support by email: support@neatcar.com