There are several reasons why we cannot refund wash codes:

1- Avoid theft and fraud

Unfortunately, too many users try to commit fraud through platforms like ours. By cancelling the refund we avoid this kind of situation. It should be remembered that contrary to popular belief when a transaction is fraudulent, it is the merchant who has the loss and not the issuer of the credit card.

2- The reimbursement costs are very high

If it was just support issues, we could offer refunds, but unfortunately far too many users buy codes in advance and request refunds without even having a problem. This means that we have to pay astronomical costs in penalties.

3- It is very difficult to check the status of wash codes

The stations are very low-tech and we are not connected to their system. So for each request, we have to do a manual check. Many users in the past have taken advantage of this opportunity to request refunds even if they have used the service.

Unfortunately, due in large part to people with bad intentions, we have to put this rule. It is for this reason that we ask you to buy your code once on site at the machine in order to avoid an unnecessary purchase.